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4/12/2022 MEDIA ADVISORY: Revenue & Caseload Estimating Conference scheduled
STATE HOUSE — The Revenue & Caseload Estimating Conference is scheduled to take place Monday, April 25 through Monday, May 9. The meetings will be televised live on Capitol Television, which can be seen on Cox on Channels 15 and 61, on i3Broadband on Channel 15 and on Channel 34 by Verizon subscribers. They will also be live streamed at

Twice yearly, in the spring and the fall, the conference principals (the State Budget Officer, Senate Fiscal Advisor and House Fiscal Advisor) must reach a consensus on what the state general revenues and caseload expenses are estimated to be for the current fiscal year and the budget year. The General Assembly and the State Budget Office use these projections to prepare the budget. The principals include State Budget Officer Joseph Codega, House Fiscal Advisor Sharon Reynolds Ferland and Senate Fiscal Advisor Stephen Whitney.
The meeting schedule of the spring estimating conference is:

Monday, April 25 - Testimony
9 a.m.              
Cash Assistance Caseload
Department of Human Services

1 p.m.             
Services for Private Community Developmentally Disabled Caseload
Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals                                               
Medical Caseload
Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Friday, April 29 - Economic Overview and Testimony
9 a.m.              
U.S. and R.I. economic forecasts — IHS Markit
Michael Lynch, Economist
RI Labor Market Conditions – Department of Labor and Training
Donna Murray, Assistant Director, Labor Market Information Unit
Consensus Economic Forecast
10:30 a.m.      
Lottery Receipts —Department of Revenue, Division of Lottery
Mark Furcolo, Director, Division of Lottery
Commerce Corporation Tax Credits – RI Commerce Corporation
Hilary Fagan, President, Commerce Corporation
2 p.m.              
Cash Assistance, DD Caseload, and Medical Caseload –Follow-up testimony (if necessary)*                            
Department of Human Services; Department of Behavioral Healthcare,                                                    Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals; and, Executive Office of Health and Human                          Services

Wednesday, May 4
1 p.m.             
Tax Collections – Department of Revenue, Division of Taxation
Neena Savage, State Tax Administrator
Accruals – Accounts and Controls
Dorothy Pascale, State Controller
Friday, May 6 – Caseload Estimating Conference and Revenue Testimony         
9 a.m.              
Caseload Estimating Conference

2 p.m.             
Follow-Up - Tax Collections — Department of Revenue, Division of                                                        Taxation (if necessary)*
Neena Savage, State Tax Administrator  
Monday, May 9
9 a.m.             Revenue Estimating Conference

In-Person attendance by the public will be permitted subject to any COVID-19 related restrictions which may be in place at the time of meeting. Any alterations to the schedule and/or attendance policies will be posted on an amended agenda.

Invited witnesses listed above will provide testimony in-person unless COVID restrictions are implemented thereby requiring remote testimony for which remote participation details will be provided directly. In any event testimony will be available on Capitol TV as referenced above.

Meeting Materials will be made available on the General Assembly website at

For more information, contact:
Larry Berman, Communications Director for the Office of the Speaker
State House Room 322
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-2466