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06/21/2021Rep. Barbara Ann Fenton-Fung; Rep. Fenton-Fung selected for the 2021 Council of State Governments Eastern Leadership Fellowship
06/21/2021Rep. Robert Craven; MEDIA ADVISORY: House Judiciary Committee meets today to consider several bills
06/21/2021Sen. Cynthia A. Coyne; Media Advisory: Senate Judiciary Committee to consider driving privileges for undocumented immigrants today
06/21/2021Rep. K. Joseph Shekarchi; MEDIA ADVISORY: House of Representatives to consider FY 2022 budget on Thursday; budget briefing open to the media on Tuesday
06/21/2021Sen. Joshua Miller; Media Advisory: Health care bills scheduled for committee votes tomorrow
06/21/2021Sen. Dawn Euer; Media Advisory: Environmental bills, appointments slated for committee votes
06/18/2021Sen. Louis DiPalma; MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Rules, Government Ethics and Oversight Committee meets Monday for oversight on Eleanor Slater Hospital
06/18/2021Rep. John Edwards; Rep. Edwards announces financial initiatives to aid Tiverton are included in proposed state budget
06/18/2021Rep. Gregory Costantino; Rep. Costantino announces financial initiatives to aid Lincoln are included in proposed state budget
06/17/2021Rep. Robert Craven; MEDIA ADVISORY: House Judiciary Committee meets on Friday to consider several bills
06/17/2021Rep. Deborah Ruggiero; House passes Ruggiero bill to increase use of cleaner-burning biodiesel in home heating oil
06/17/2021Rep. K. Joseph Shekarchi; Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; Threshold on PPP taxation raised to $250,000 in budget; only businesses that profited are impacted
06/17/2021Rep. Scott Slater; House passes Rep. Slater’s bill that reclassifies simple possession drug crimes to misdemeanors
06/17/2021Rep. Teresa Tanzi; House OKs Tanzi bill forbidding employers from requiring gag orders on civil rights violations, criminal activity
06/17/2021Rep. Terri Cortvriend; House OKs bill to ban toxic chemicals from food packaging
06/17/2021Rep. June Speakman; House OKs bill to give family caregivers access to nursing home residents during emergencies
06/17/2021Rep. K. Joseph Shekarchi; Rep. Marvin Abney; House Finance Committee approves 2022 state budget bill
06/16/2021Rep. K. Joseph Shekarchi; Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; Rep. Jose F. Batista; Sen. Jonathon Acosta; Rhode Island leaders announce a first-of-its-kind statewide program to put body-worn cameras on every uniformed police officer
06/16/2021Rep. Marvin Abney; MEDIA ADVISORY: House Finance meets on Thursday to consider FY 2022 state budget
06/16/2021Rep. Joshua J. Giraldo; House passes Giraldo legislation banning discrimination against organ recipients based on disability
06/16/2021Rep. Brian Kennedy; House passes Kennedy bill extending availability of Medicare supplement policies to those eligible below 65
06/16/2021Rep. Camille F.J. Vella-Wilkinson; House OKs Vella-Wilkinson bill allowing AA/NA meetings during a state of emergency
06/16/2021Rep. Grace Diaz; House OKs Diaz legislation that would grant immigrants in-state tuition rates at public colleges, universities
06/16/2021Rep. Karen Alzate; Rep. Alzate and RI Legislative Black and Latino Caucus statement on police body cam budget proposal
06/16/2021Rep. David Morales; House passes bill prohibiting insurers from charging copays for COVID services and vaccines
06/16/2021Rep. Michelle E. McGaw; House approves extension of time to transfer car registrations
06/16/2021Rep. Jacquelyn M. Baginski; Rep. Baginski delivers bike helmets to students at Woodridge Elementary
06/16/2021Rep. William O'Brien; House passes Rep. O’Brien’s bill that lets disabled and military voters use electronically transmitted ballots
06/16/2021Rep. Terri Cortvriend; House approves suicide prevention bill named in honor of Portsmouth teen
06/16/2021Rep. Carol Hagan McEntee; House passes Rep. McEntee’s bill that increases the age of children able to use recorded testimony for sexual abuse grand juries