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2/7/2019 Sen. Paolino: Budget scoops are ‘taxation with a ski mask’
Sen. Thomas Paolino is expressing serious concerns with the numerous budget transfers from quasi-public agencies contained in the Governor’s budget proposal following a Senate Finance Committee hearing earlier this week on the issue.

The transfers, commonly known as “scoops,” would use nearly $24 million from various quasi-public agencies to plug holes in the state budget. This practice amounts to taxation in disguise, according to Sen. Paolino.

“The Governor is fond of saying that there are no broad-based tax increases contained in her budget proposal, but these scoops are taxation in a ski mask,” said Sen. Paolino (R – Dist. 17, Lincoln, North Providence, North Smithfield), a member of the Finance Committee. “These agencies conduct a mission deemed so essential to the public good that they are quasi-public. Scooping from their budgets will impact trash fees, housing assistance, municipal infrastructure projects, and more.”

Sen. Paolino noted that the agencies testified about the detrimental impact to operations and potential fee increases that will be passed on to Rhode Island residents.

“It is very important that the public know about these scoops and their impact on them. When we charge municipalities more to dump their trash, it may result in higher property tax rates. When cities and towns can’t access the low-cost loans provided through the state Infrastructure Bank, they may have to turn to higher cost options or delay necessary projects. We need to find a better way to fund ongoing government services than these one-time revenue fixes,” said Sen. Paolino.

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