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7/13/2021 Governor signs into law Rep. Casimiro and Sen. DiPalma’s bill that tracks academic performance of foster care youth
STATE HOUSE – Governor Daniel McKee signed into law Rep. Julie A. Casimiro and Sen. Louis P. DiPalma’s legislation (2021-H 5157A / 2021-S 0989) that directs superintendents to create an annual report on the academic progress of foster care youth.

“Youth in our foster care system have already gone through so much turmoil and heartbreak during their short lives so it is imperative that we do not allow them to fall by the wayside in our educational system.  We owe these children the best possible opportunities to succeed later in life and this is not possible if they are academically failing.  This bill will ensure that if they are falling behind in school, these children will have the help and support they need in order to be academically successful,” said Representative Casimiro (D-Dist. 31, North Kingstown, Exeter).

“The challenges faced by our students in foster care are far different than those in traditional homes and they may need further support to be successful in school.  This legislation will allow the General Assembly to review the facts and data surrounding the performance of our foster care youth in schools, which will further allow us to better help them achieve educational excellence,” said Senator DiPalma (D-Dist. 12, Middletown, Little Compton, Newport, Tiverton).

The annual report will include the total number of foster care youth identified by school and grade of instruction; the number of foster care youth receiving supplementary literacy instruction; the foster care youth uniform testing scores and the percentage of foster care youth that meet or exceed the mean average score for uniform testing; the percentage of foster care youth meeting academic standards; the number and percentage of foster care youth receiving alternative or special education services; the number of foster care youth suspended or expelled from school during the academic year; the number of foster care youth identified as involved in chronic absenteeism, truancy or as drop-outs; and the number of foster care youth assigned to advanced placement.

According to the legislation, if the superintendent determines that foster care youth are disproportionately failing to meet academic standards or are subject to school discipline at a rate more than the overall student population, a remediation plan shall be included within the submitted annual report.

For more information, contact:
Andrew Caruolo, Publicist
State House Room 20
Providence, RI 02903