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4/5/2018 Rep. Amore bill to allow 17 year olds to vote in primary elections heard by House committee
STATE HOUSE – Rep. Gregg Amore’s (D-Dist. 65, East Providence) legislation (2018-H 7526) that would allow 17 year olds to vote in primary elections as long as the individual will be 18 years old by the date of the general or special election was heard by the House Committee on Judiciary last night.

“I have introduced this legislation due to my role as an educator, as I have witnessed first-hand the level of engagement and knowledge that politically active high school students can possess.  These students deserve to have their voices heard in the electoral process because it is their futures that will be affected by these elections.  This legislation is especially pertinent today with the country witnessing so many young people actively involving themselves in the political discussion regarding school safety.  I firmly believe that if a young adult will turn 18 years old by the time of a general election, they should be able to vote in the primary election, thereby participating in the entire election cycle,” said Representative Amore.

The bill was held for further study by the House Committee on Judiciary.

For more information, contact:
Andrew Caruolo, Publicist
State House Room 20
Providence, RI 02903