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4/3/2018 Morgan Continues Fight to Force AG to Use Google Funds for School Security
Message to Raimondo: $23 Million is NOT a ‘Drop in the Bucket'

Representative Patricia Morgan is continuing her fight to have the remaining $23 million Google Settlement used to install and upgrade security measures in Rhode Island’s schools. 

“Governor Raimondo is so enamored with her ultra-liberal anti-gun political agenda, that she is refusing to take the commonsense measure of calling for the remaining Google settlement to be used to make our schools safer. The Google money is here now and can be used immediately. Sadly, it appears she doesn’t want to dilute her political agenda, by actually doing something practical to make schools more secure now.  Parents should be disturbed by her callous disregard.”

"The Governor prefers to fall back on idiotic talking points, instead of actually addressing security issues. Contrary to her mindless spin, no one is suggesting we make our schools feel like ‘prisons’.  Does she really think ‘cutting shrubs’ will stop a shooter?  As a former teacher, I am confident the Google money would go a long way to helping schools purchase the security measures that best protect their students.” 

Patricia Morgan, House Republican Leader, is referring to the Governor’s comments on WPRO 630 this morning.  “Six weeks ago, I called upon the Attorney General to use the remaining Google Settlement funds to install security measures in our schools. We have discovered that from the original $230 million, $23 million remains.  Clearly the Governor is in an alternative reality from the rest of us; she had the audacity to call that money ‘a drop in the bucket’. “

“I spoke with superintendents this morning and I can tell you they would welcome their share of that money.  They have been doing their job and exploring security measures to keep their students and staff safe.  The Google money would help them act more quickly.”

“I call on the Governor and all our state leaders to compel the Attorney General to release the remaining Google money to school districts immediately.”

For more information, contact:
Ian O'Connor, House Minority Office
State House Room 106
Providence, RI 02903