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2/5/2018 Rep. Quattrocchi Introduces Bill to Keep Riders Moving
STATE HOUSE -- Representative Bob Quattrocchi (R-District 41 Scituate, Cranston) has introduced legislation to improve traffic safety for motorcyclists and bicyclists in Rhode Island.

Both groups have complained about being stuck at a red light indefinitely because the traffic signal has failed to detect them. Traffic lights often use sensors to determine when to change from red to green. Unfortunately, the sensors do not always detect a motorcycle or bike forcing their operators to run the red light, which can sometimes leave riders with a costly ticket through no fault of their own.

Rep. Quattrocchi’s bill would allow riders to pass through a red light which fails to change within a reasonable period, provided that they yield the right-of-way to any other oncoming vehicle or pedestrian. Eighteen other states have adopted similar laws to remove unfair fines and encourage safe riding.

“Riders need to have a safe way of navigating both our intersections and our legal system when faced with this situation, my bill offers both,” said Rep. Quattrocchi.

For more information, contact:
Ian O'Connor, House Minority Office
State House Room 106
Providence, RI 02903