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6/28/2017 Three Bills Sponsored by Freshman Legislator Representative Bob Quattrocchi Pass the House of Representatives
STATE HOUSE  --  Representative Bob Quattrocchi (R-District 41 Scituate, Cranston), a freshman legislator, sponsored three bills (H-5606 sub A, H-6277, H-6073), which have all passed on the floor of the Rhode Island House of Representatives.
House bill 5606 sub A “An Act Creating a Special Legislative Commission to Study the Efficacy and Cost of Implementing a Recycling Program for All Multi-Family Residential Units Including Condominium Complexes” was drafted to reduce the amount of waste tonnage, and also reduce the cost of waste removal for all users of the Central Landfill. 
Representative Robert Quattrocchi said, "Our state municipalities are looking at a 47% increase in their waste removal budgets in the next two years. These increases will come in the form of higher tipping fees at the state's landfill which will go from the current $32/ton to $47/ton. There is zero tipping fee on recyclables. A study commission, considering all available data regarding multifamily complexes, which are currently exempt from recycling, costs us nothing but could give us great insight which could benefit all of us, both financially and environmentally.  Our commission would study the challenges facing the landfill: why they have raised the tipping fees to our communities so dramatically and ways to mitigate the strain on their available space and operations. These higher tipping fees will translate into higher property taxes and whatever we can do to lower them, is best for all." 
House bill 6277 would authorize the town of Scituate to issue not more than $4,900,000.00 bonds and notes to finance various improvements at the town of Scituate’s schools.
House bill 6073 would permit the town of Scituate to provide a tax credit to 100% disabled veterans in lieu of a tax exemption, in an amount to be determined by the town council.  The town of Scituate has approximately 17 disabled veterans. 
“Reducing the tax burden on our veterans is a moral imperative,” Quattrocchi said.  “The brave men and women who fought in the military to preserve the rights and liberties we enjoy today, deserve this tax break, more than anyone.  Passage of this bill shows our veterans we honor their service.”
All three bills will now move to the Senate, where they will be assigned to a committee.  Should the bills be voted out of committee, each will go before the full Senate for a vote on the Senate floor, before it can become law. 

For more information, contact:
Raina C. Smith, House Minority Office
State House Room 106
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-2259