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2/15/2022 Media Advisory: House Environment Committee to hear PFAS bills, more
STATE HOUSE – The House Environment and Natural Resources Committee will meet Thursday for hearings on bills concerning producer responsibility for packaging, limiting PFAS chemicals and insecticides and canned hunting.

The meeting is scheduled Thursday, Feb. 17, at the rise of the House session (expected sometime after 4:30 p.m.) in Room 101 on the first floor of the State House.

Among the bills on the agenda are:
  • 2022-H 7233 — This bill sponsored by Rep. June S. Speakman (D-Dist. 68, Warren, Bristol) would direct the Department of Health to establish maximum contaminant levels for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water and set interim standards.
  • 2022-H 7436 — Sponsored by Rep. Terri Cortvriend (D-Dist. 72, Portsmouth, Middletown), this bill would prohibit the use of PFAS in carpets, upholstered furniture, textile furnishings, apparel, cosmetics, juvenile products, cookware, and firefighting foam and gives authority to the Department of Environmental management to regulate their use.
  • 2022-H 7279 — This bill sponsored by Environment and Natural Resources Committee Chairman David A. Bennett (D-Dist. 20, Warwick, Cranston) would create a producer responsibility program requiring producers to make necessary changes to product designs to reduce packaging consumption and waste, and assess fees based on the packaging.
  • 2022-H 7129 — Sponsored by Rep. Rebecca Kislak (D-Dist. 4, Providence), this bill would restricts the use of neonicotinoids, which are a class of insecticides.
  • 2022-H 7169 — Sponsored by Rep. Joseph M. McNamara (D-Dist. 19, Warwick, Cranston), this bill would prohibit canned hunting and use of imported non-native animals or cloned animals for canned hunting purposes.
The meeting will be live streamed at, and will be televised on Capitol Television, which can be seen on Cox Channels 15, and 61, in high definition on Cox Channel 1061, on Full Channel on Channel 15 and on Channel 34 by Verizon subscribers.

Written testimony is strongly encouraged and may be submitted by 1 p.m. Thursday via  Indicate your name, bill number, and viewpoint (for/against/neither) at top of message. Testimony received after deadline will be posted to the website as soon as possible. For faster processing, it is recommended that testimony is submitted as a PDF file. Testimony will be posted on the General Assembly website.

Individuals may testify in person or over the phone. For phone testimony, the deadline to register is 4 p.m. Wednesday. To register, complete this form or sign-up in person with the committee clerk. Masks are mandatory in committee hearings and in the State House. The committee is unable to designate a specific time that anyone will be called and in some cases, it may be at a late hour. Witnesses are urged to submit written testimony in case they are unavailable when called.

For more information, contact:
Larry Berman, Communications Director for the Office of the Speaker
State House Room 322
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-2466