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11/30/2021 Rep. Roberts Takes Issue with Financial Incentives Awarded State Workers for COVID Vaccine
State House, Providence - Rep. Sherry Roberts (R-Dist. 29) of West Greenwich/Coventry issues the following, stating that she doesn't agree with the financial incentive offered only to State Workers who receive the vaccine, as it disproportionately affects the pay of workers who cannot or will not receive the vaccine for reasons of medical or religious exemptions: 
"Whether intentional or not, these inappropriate incentives give the appearance of condemning those who don't receive the vaccine by only giving pay increases to state employees who comply with the vaccine mandates -- which even OSHA no longer requires. While I am not anti-vaccine, I believe that each individual should be able to make their own informed medical decisions. After all, what is next? Are we going to incentivize diabetics not to eat sweets or smokers to quit smoking? This incentive gives an inappropriate appearance of coercion and that we are treading on a slippery slope."

For more information, contact:
Sue Stenhouse, House Minority Office
State House Room 106
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-5582