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5/17/2018 Statement from House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan
Released in response to the Attorney General’s Press Release criticizing town officials, who are seeking a share of the Google settlement funds to make their students and teachers safer. 
Yesterday the Attorney General chose to malign elected officials and concerned parents who seek information, transparency, and a spirit of service to our communities. Instead of answering the questions of concerned public officials in a professional manner, the Attorney General instead chose the path of name-calling and attempting to silence opposing opinions with ridicule.
The Attorney General may be our chief law enforcement official, but that does not absolve him of accountability. It certainly does not excuse him from demeaning responses when constituents ask for his help. It is stunning that his office finds the time via press release to denigrate the justified questioning of other elected officials but is unable to provide answers to the questions we have forwarded to him on the Google Settlement funds. A simple answer to our questions would be welcome. 
I have been unable to get straight answers from the Attorney General. He has managed to answer the most basic information through press releases. The fact that he does reveal that information in press releases signals that he has the information but prefers to stonewall for political purposes. That is a troubling reaction from an elected official charged with enforcing our laws. Instead of resorting to partisan insults, he owes the parents in Portsmouth an apology. They are asking for their share of the remaining Google funds to make their children safer.
He owes me the documents I have requested concerning the spending of the Google funds. The people of Rhode Island deserve this information. Stonewalling and insults, trying to confuse the issues, and hiding the truth is unacceptable. Transparency and accountability should be expected from our elected officials. It’s time for the Attorney General to come clean.

For more information, contact:
Ian O'Connor, House Minority Office
State House Room 106
Providence, RI 02903