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3/28/2018 Representative Roberts Introduces HPV Legislation
STATE HOUSE- On Wednesday March 28, 2018, Representative Sherry Roberts (R-District 29 West Greenwich/Coventry) testified before members of the House Committee on Health, Education, and Welfare regarding legislation to eliminate mandatory HPV immunization for schoolchildren.
Rep. Roberts is the prime sponsor of H7576, which would allow parents, guardians or persons in custody of a child to opt out of vaccines for non-casual contact diseases such as the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) only transmitted between individuals through sexual contact. If passed the bill would require all correspondence sent home to parents relating to vaccinations to contain affirmative notification about their right to opt out of the vaccine. 
Rep. Roberts put this bill forth upon request from citizens who purport to have been injured by vaccines. Rep. Roberts stated, "Since HPV is not an airborne contagion, not everyone is at risk. Therefore, many parents believe that the Department of Health is overstepping its boundaries by mandating the HPV vaccine for their children." Rep. Roberts continued, "It is widely believed that the benefits of receiving the vaccine do not outweigh the medical risks involved; and this decision is best left to parents. This legislation will achieve exactly that, to put the vaccine discretion back into the hands of the parents, where it belongs."

For more information, contact:
Ian O'Connor, House Minority Office
State House Room 106
Providence, RI 02903