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1/10/2023 Sen. Euer to chair Senate Judiciary Committee
STATE HOUSE – Sen. Dawn Euer will serve as chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Judiciary for the 2023-2024 legislative session, Senate President Dominick J. Ruggerio has announced.
Sen. Euer, a Democrat who represents District 13 in Newport and Jamestown, has served in the Senate since 2017. During the 2021-2022 legislative session, she served as chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Environment & Agriculture, as well as a member of the Senate Committee on Judiciary and the Senate Committee on Rules, Government Ethics & Oversight.
A Newport resident, Sen. Euer serves as General Counsel for the Capital Good Fund. As an activist and organizer, she helped lead the fight for marriage equality in Rhode Island. She was the lead sponsor of the 2021 Act on Climate, which is the most comprehensive climate legislation in Rhode Island history.
“Being entrusted to lead the Committee on Judiciary is humbling, particularly as someone whose professional life is focused on the law, and I want to thank President Ruggerio for his confidence. Our committee is charged with thoroughly evaluating many of the most intensely debated and consequential proposals that come before the Senate, and that process often involves large numbers of Rhode Islanders sharing impassioned and personal testimony. It is essential that our committee takes a deliberative, meticulous approach and works to build consensus toward action that makes Rhode Island safer and more just for all its residents. I am honored to lead the Committee on Judiciary and look forward to the important work that awaits us,” Sen. Euer said.
“In the Senate, Dawn Euer has distinguished herself as an extraordinarily dedicated and effective public servant. Again and again, including during her time as chair of the Environment & Agriculture Committee, she has demonstrated her commitment to her constituents, to our state, to her colleagues, and to the Senate as an institution. Her leadership and hard work have helped us accomplish incredible things, including the historic Act on Climate, and I am proud to appoint her to lead the Committee on Judiciary,” President Ruggerio said.
The Senate Judiciary Committee handles all legislation and matters that affect the penal code, judicial system, ethics, open meetings, access to public records and election laws. The committee is also responsible for advice and consent hearings for all judges appointed by the governor. It is one of the busiest legislative committees, whose hearings on high-profile legislation sometimes stretch hours into the night.

For more information, contact:
Greg Pare, Director of Communications for the Senate
State House Room 112
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 276-5558