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Shoreline Access
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2022 H 8055 Substitute A
RANDALL PAVLOCK USA Court of Appeals 05-25-2022
Michael Rubin letter on Pavlock decision 5-26-2022
Who owns the shore April 13 2022
Sean Lyness, Faculty Fellow, New England Law, Letter on Takings 4-10-22 PDF
Final Report Shoreline Access Commission March 31 2022
Agenda RI Shoreline Access Commission 03-31-2022
Lawmakers Introduce long awaited bill ProJo March 28 2022
Nathan Vinhateiro Janet Freedman URI Coastal Institute Letter to Shoreline Commission 03012022
Property owners won’t take changes to R.I. shore lying down - The Boston Globe March 9 2022
Craig Marr, Charlestown RI, Economic Improvement Commission 02032022
RI General Assembly Press Release House approves bill to study shoreline access 06232021
Advocates ‘geared up,’ anticipating legislation on shoreline access -The Public's Radio 03042022
Shoreline Access Panel Settles on 10 ft Buffer Zone ProvJournal 03042022
Inching closer to shoreline rights bill, R.I. experts settle on 10 feet of dry sand - The Boston Globe 03032022
Old Sturbridge Village Ox Cart picture late 18th early 19th c. width 95 inches 03032022
warwick city park beach 3.3.22 at 8.22am
Susan Jones 03032022
Phil Moreschi Charlestown RI 03022022
Ellen Kane Westerly RI 03022022
Jeffrey Devine 03022022
Gayle L. Gifford Providence RI 03022022
Bob Goulet Lincoln RI 03022022
Sebastian Wagner Berlin 03022022
Rick Chace Bristol RI 03012022
Tiffany Doran South Kingstown RI 03012022
Agenda RI Shoreline Access Commission March 3 2022
Nicole Cambio RI 02232022
Theresa Lynch-Benoit Wakefield RI 02232022
Meridith Ashworth Narragansett RI 02232022
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