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Online Data Transparency
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Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act
00001Commission Report - Final Version - 6.8.22
Attachment 1 2018 Right to Know Bill
Attachment 2 Regulatory Provisions
Attachment 3 H6087
Attachment 4 State Privacy and Security Coalition
Attachment 5 Report ro Vermont General Assembly
Attachment 6 Report of The Data Broker Working Group
Attachment 7 Relating Vermont Legislation
Attachment 8 California Coalition
Attachment 9 Public Utilities and Carriers
Attachment 10 An Act Relating to Commercial Law
Attachment 11 An Act Relating to State Affairs and Goverment
Attachment 12 An Act Relating to Commercial Law Data Security Breach Notification Act
Attachment 13 An Act Relating to Criminal Procedure
Attachment 14 ACLU Commentary
Attachment 15 Timothy Edgar Memo
Attachment 16 NAPBS Model Language regarding CRA Privacy
Attachment 17 American Council of Life Insurers Letter
Attachment 18 Model Student Online Personal Information Protection Act
Attachment 19Rhode Island Business Coalition
Attachment 20 Christina Fisher Tech Net letter
Attachment 21 Consumer Data Industry Association
Attachment 22 Martiesian and Associates Letters
Attachment 23 Randall Rose
Attachment 24 Rhode Island Bankers Assocaition
Attachment 25 Roberts Carroll Feldstein and Pierce
Attachment 26 ACLU May 2, 2019 letter and attachment (2)
Attachment 27 RI Hospitality Association
Attachment 28 ACLU letter and attachment (2)
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