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Commission Documents
2018 Commission Members.pdf2018 Commission Members
2018-10-09 Agenda.pdf2018-10-09 Agenda
2018-10-09 BHDDH Presentation.pdf2018-10-09 BHDDH Presentation
2018-10-09 Presentation.pdf2018-10-09 Presentation
2018-10-09 Timeline.pdf2018-10-09 Timeline
2018-11-13 Agenda.pdf2018-11-13 Agenda
2018-11-13 B and A History.pdf2018-11-13 B and A History
2018-11-13 B and A Response to Questions.pdf2018-11-13 B and A Response to Questions
B and A Report.pdfB and A Report
B and A Trends in Provider Payment Rates.pdfB and A Trends in Provider Payment Rates
B and A Vendor Rate Study.pdfB and A Vendor Rate Study
Current State Assessment - Advocates.pdfCurrent State Assessment - Advocates
Current State Assessment - Providers.pdfCurrent State Assessment - Providers
Current State Assessment - State.pdfCurrent State Assessment - State
2018-12-12 Agenda.pdf2018-12-12 Agenda
2019-01-08 Agenda.pdf2019-01-08 Agenda
Enabling Legislation.pdfEnabling Legislation
2019-01-08 Presentation - Trends in State DD Infrastructure.pdf2019-01-08 Presentation - Trends in State DD Infrastructure
2019-01-08 Presentation - Developmental Services in Vermont.pdf2019-01-08 Presentation - Developmental Services in Vermont
2019-03-28 Agenda.pdf2019-03-28 Agenda
2019-03-28 Presentation.pdf2019-03-28 Presentation
Extension Legislation.pdfExtension Legislation
NESCSO Contract.pdfNESCSO Contract
Rate Review Vendor Qualifications.pdfRate Review Vendor Qualifications
2019-05-22 Agenda.pdf2019-05-22 Agenda
Rate Review Comments and Suggestions.pdfRate Review Comments and Suggestions
2019-04-25 Agenda.pdf2019-04-25 Agenda
2019-05-06 Agenda.pdf2019-05-06 Agenda
2019-06-18 Agenda.pdf2019-06-18 Agenda
2019-07-30 Agenda.pdf2019-07-30 Agenda
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