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04-24-2023---Agenda Marginalized Individuals Commission.pdf
4/20/2023 9:44 AMMichael B. Hogan
04-24-2023---Bella Robinson Presentation.pdf
4/25/2023 10:22 AMMichael B. Hogan
04-24-2023---Key Recommendations Melissa Broudo and Henri Bynx.docx.pdf
4/25/2023 10:05 AMMichael B. Hogan
04-24-2023---Prostitution-and-Prostitution-Related-Charges-in-Rhode-Island-2000-Present-CoyoteRI January 2023.pdf
4/19/2023 10:44 AMMichael B. Hogan
04-24-2023---Public Testimony.pdf
4/25/2023 9:59 AMMichael B. Hogan
04-24-2023---Sidney Wordell Talking Points.pdf
4/26/2023 9:31 AMMichael B. Hogan
05-08-2023---American Massage Therapy Association Letter.pdf
5/10/2023 1:51 PMMichael B. Hogan
05-22-2023---Agenda Marginalized Individuals Commission.pdf
5/23/2023 8:15 AMMichael B. Hogan
05-22-2023---Final Report Marginalized Individuals Commission.pdf
6/2/2023 12:22 PMMichael B. Hogan
11-15-2021--- Agenda Marginalized Individuals Commission.pdf
4/19/2022 2:26 PMMichael B. Hogan
11-15-2021--Enabling legislation 2021 H5250 SubA.pdf
4/19/2022 2:26 PMMichael B. Hogan
2-14-2022--Projo Why are STI rates up in Rhode Island_ Dr. Philip Chan.pdf
4/19/2023 10:44 AMMichael B. Hogan
2-28-2022---Agenda Marginalized Individuals Commission.pdf
6/15/2022 10:24 AMMichael B. Hogan
2-28-2022--In re Lamarine--527 A.2d 1133.pdf
4/19/2022 2:29 PMMichael B. Hogan
2-28-2022---Steven Brown--RIACLU Testimony.pdf
4/19/2022 2:29 PMMichael B. Hogan
3-21-2022---Agenda Marginalized Individuals Commission.pdf
4/19/2022 3:19 PMMichael B. Hogan
3-21-2022--Dr Chan Presentation--Final.pptx
4/19/2022 3:22 PMMichael B. Hogan
4-25-2022---Agenda Marginalized Individuals Commission.pdf
4/19/2022 3:24 PMMichael B. Hogan
4-25-2022---Associations between sex work laws and sex workers' health--.pdf
4/25/2022 1:12 PMMichael B. Hogan
4-25-2022---By the Numbers--New York's Treatment of Sex Workers and Trafficking Survivors.pdf
4/25/2022 1:13 PMMichael B. Hogan
4-25-2022---Danielle Ozuna--CSEC 101 PowerPoint.pdf
4/25/2022 1:11 PMMichael B. Hogan
4-25-2022---Danielle Ozuna--Fact Sheet.pdf
4/26/2022 3:09 PMMichael B. Hogan
4-25-2022---Decriminalize Sex Work For Public Health--.pdf
4/25/2022 1:12 PMMichael B. Hogan
4-25-2022---Melissa Sontag Broudo--RI study commission final draft MSB.pdf
4/25/2022 1:11 PMMichael B. Hogan
5-23-2022---Agenda Marginalized Individuals Commission.pdf
5/12/2022 9:42 AMMichael B. Hogan
6-13-2022---Agenda Marginalized Individuals Commission.pdf
6/10/2022 1:14 PMMichael B. Hogan
6-13-2022---Intersection of LGBTQIA and Sex Workers' Rights Henri Bynx J. Leigh Oshiro Brantly.pdf
6/13/2022 11:19 AMMichael B. Hogan