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Commission Documents
02.25.2020 - Rate Setting Proposal by RICCF.pdf02.25.2020 - Rate Setting Proposal by RICCF
Memo and Milliman Benchmark Rate Study 2-28-2020.pdfMemo and Milliman Benchmark Rate Study 2-28-2020
3.10.2020 - Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner presentation.pdf3.10.2020 - Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner presentation
03.11.2020 meeting agenda.pdf03.11.2020 meeting agenda
03.11.2020 Capitol TV recording.pdf03.11.2020 Capitol TV recording
03.10.2020 meeting agenda.pdf03.10.2020 meeting agenda
03.10.2020 Capitol TV recording.pdf03.10.2020 Capitol TV recording
03.10.2020 - Tina Spears presentation.pdf03.10.2020 - Tina Spears presentation
03.10.2020 - Dr. Vieau, Dr. Dietrich, and Dr. Silversmith presentation.pdf03.10.2020 - Dr. Vieau, Dr. Dietrich, and Dr. Silversmith presentation
03.10.2020 - Dr. Collie Statement.pdf03.10.2020 - Dr. Collie Statement
02.25.2020 meeting agenda.pdf02.25.2020 meeting agenda
02.25.2020 Capitol TV recording.pdf02.25.2020 Capitol TV recording
02.25.2020 - link to Dr. Sarkar Presentation.pdf02.25.2020 - link to Dr. Sarkar Presentation
02.25.2020 - EOHHS Dental Presentation.pdf02.25.2020 - EOHHS Dental Presentation
02.25.2020 - Br. James Martino Presentation.pdf02.25.2020 - Br. James Martino Presentation
02.25.2020 - Benedict F. Lessing Presentation.pdf02.25.2020 - Benedict F. Lessing Presentation
01.29.2020 Meeting Agenda.pdf01.29.2020 Meeting Agenda
01.29.2020 Thomas Chase Delta Denal Presentation.pdf01.29.2020 Thomas Chase Delta Denal Presentation
01.29.2020 Linda Hurley CODAC Presentation.pdf01.29.2020 Linda Hurley CODAC Presentation
01.29.2020 Dr. Oppenheimer Presentation.pdf01.29.2020 Dr. Oppenheimer Presentation
01.29.2020 Capitol TV recording.pdf01.29.2020 Capitol TV recording
Insurer Payments Commission Membership List.pdfInsurer Payments Commission Membership List
12.17.2019 meeting agenda.pdf12.17.2019 meeting agenda
12.17.2019 Capitol TV recording.pdf12.17.2019 Capitol TV recording
12.17.2019 - Dr. Storti Presentation.pdf12.17.2019 - Dr. Storti Presentation
12.17.2019 - Dr. Gazerro Presentation.pdf12.17.2019 - Dr. Gazerro Presentation
S1038 - enabling resolution.pdfS1038 - enabling resolution
11.20.2019 - Dr. Sarkar Presentation.pdf11.20.2019 - Dr. Sarkar Presentation
11.20.2019 meeting agenda.pdf11.20.2019 meeting agenda
11.20.2019 Capitol TV recording.pdf11.20.2019 Capitol TV recording