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 Senate Leadership
The President of the Senate serves as the presiding officer of the 38-member Chamber and as presiding officer when both Chambers of the Legislature meet in Grand Committee. He or she is elected to a two-year term by the entire body, including all political parties and independents. The President oversees the proceedings of the Senate and ensures that the Chamber is run according to the rules adopted by its members. The President takes the rostrum each legislative day and calls the Senate to order. The President of the Senate decides all questions of order subject to the appeal of the full Senate, recognizes speakers and declares votes. In 2003, a Constitutional amendment took effect requiring that a member of the Senate serve as the presiding officer. Previously the Lieutenant Governor had served in this capacity. As an elected Senator, the President may vote on all questions.

 The President of the Senate appoints all standing committees and creates other committees as necessary.
Contact Information:

 John E. Fleming Jr.,
 Senate Chief of Staff

 Phone: (401) 222-6655
 The Senate Majority Leader and Senate Minority Leader also serve as ex-officio members of all standing committees and are eligible to participate in the discussions and votes held by any of those committees. The President, in conjunction with the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader, establish the daily consent calendar of bills and resolutions.

 The Office of the President of the Senate provides support to the members of the Rhode Island Senate in all of their legislative activities, including logistical support, committee support, legal counsel, policy, legislative drafting, fiscal analysis, appointments to committees and legislative commissions, communications, and constituent services.

 Members of the Majority Party of the Senate meet in caucus and elect their Majority Leader. The Majority Leader works closely with the President of the Senate to assign legislation to committees and direct the flow of legislation on the floor of the Senate. The Majority Leader has his/her own support staff to assist in research, legal and legislative matters.
Contact Information:

 Thomas W. Kane,
 Deputy Chief of Staff Majority Leader

 Phone: (401) 222-6655
 Members of the Minority Party of the Senate meet in caucus and elect their own leadership. The Minority Leader provides direction to the caucus and confers with members on legislative matters. The Minority Leader also nominates minority members to legislative committees and commissions.
Contact Information:

 Brandon Bell,
 Senate Minority Chief of Staff

 Phone: (401) 222-2708
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