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D - District 64
East Providence
(401) 433-9557​​
255 North Brow Street
East Providence, RI 02914

Representative Brianna Henries

Member, House Labor Committee

Member, House Special Legislation Committee

Brianna E. Henries was elected on November 3, 2020, to represent the people of District 64 in East Providence. She is a member of the House Labor Committee and the House Special Legislation Committee.

A lifelong Rhode Islander who represents a working-class district and who has experienced homelessness herself, her focus at the State House is on lifting people out of poverty and ensuring that income doesn’t determine a person’s basic human rights. She supports raising the minimum wage, ensuring that affordable health care is available and accessible to all, and changing school funding so that Zip codes do not determine the quality of a student’s education. 

In her first year in the House, the General Assembly adopted her legislation requiring that newborn health screenings include tests for all conditions for which there is a medical benefit to early detection and treatment, as well as her bill granting an income tax exemption for artists within the East Providence art district.

Born February 27, 1991, Representative Henries is a 2009 Classical High School graduate. She teaches theater at Valiant Arts Studio in Pawtucket, and is also a retail manager and makeup artist for Bare Minerals. She and her partner live in East Providence with their dog, Cooper. ​