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D - District 39
Exeter, Hopkinton, Richmond
(401) 541-5588​​​
108 Lantern Lane
Exeter, RI 02822

Representative Megan L. Cotter

Member, House Education Committee

Member, House Health and Human Services Committee


Rep. Megan L. Cotter was elected Nov. 8, 2022, to represent District 39 in Exeter, Hopkinton, and Richmond. She is a member of both the House Education Committee and the House Health and Human Services Comm​​ittee.

In her first year the in the House, Representative Cotter sponsored legislation that created a legislative commission to help the state determine the best action for improving forest management. She is now the chairwoman of that commission, which is working to evaluate Rhode Island’s current forest management practices and make recommendations for improvements.

Representative Cotter is the director of business development and category management for Foley Fish, which delivers a full line of seafood products to fine restaurants. She is a member of Women in Seafood.

She grew up in the Elmhurst section of Providence, with working parents who divorced when she was young. Her father imparted upon her and her siblings the importance of hard work and kindness, involving the family in church and volunteering for those in need. She graduated from Classical High School in 2002, and went on to University of Rhode Island, where she triple majored in English, Comparative Literature, and Classical Studies.

Shortly after college, she married her husband, Christopher. They soon had three children, Emily, Joseph, and Charles. Like many Rhode Islanders, they struggled under the weight of rent, utilities, health care, and student loans, but eventually managed to buy a home in Exeter. When that home was completely destroyed in a fire in 2017, their tragedy was transformed into a profound lesson on kindness and community, as neighbors and friends reached out with support from every direction. Rather than move, they did not hesitate to rebuild in the same spot. They and their children are active volunteers in the community that gave so much to them.