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D - District 66
Barrington, East Providence​​
(401) 222-1723​​​
State House​, Room B07
Providence, RI 02903​

Representative Jennifer Boylan​

Member, House Environment and Natural Resources Committee

Member, House Innovation, Internet and Technology Committee

Representative Jennifer Boylan, a Democrat, was first elected to represent District 66 in Barrington and Riverside in November 2022.​ She serves as a member of the House Environment & Natural Resources Committee and the House Innovation, Internet & Technology Committee.

Representati​ve Boylan grew up in upstate New York. She is a graduate of New Hartford Senior High School in New Hartford, NY. Sh​​e attended college at Franklin and Marshall College, majoring in geology, and earned her master’s d​​​egree in earth and planetary science from Washington University.

With a background in ​​science and geology, the firs​t 14 years of Representative Boylan’s career were spent as an environmental professional. She worked as a government contractor doing environmental investigations and as litigation consultant helping clients access funding for hazardous waste cleanups. She left that business in 2004 to become the Dire​ctor of Operations for PacketLogix.

Prior to being elected to the RI House of Representatives, Representative Boylan spent 10 years advocating for common sense gun laws. In 2018, Gov. Gina Raimondo appointed her as a member of the Working Group for Gun Safety. She has served as an environmental champion in her community for many years, promoting initiatives like composting, waste minimization, banning plastic bags, safe athletic fields, and protecting local farmland and public open space.

Representative Boylan lives in Barrington with her husband. They have two sons.​