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D - District 8
(401) 404-4700
48 Grove Street
Providence, RI 02909

Representative John J. Lombardi

Second Vice Chair, House S​​pecial Legislation Committee

Member, House Small Business Committee

Member, House Veterans' Affairs Committee

John J. Lombardi (D) has served the residents of Providence in District 8 since first being elected in November 2012. He is the second vice chair of the House Special Legislation Committee and is a member of the House Small Business Committee and the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

In 2022, Representative Lombardi introduced a bill which limit rate increases by electric distribution companies to either 5.5% annually or be no greater than the increase in the Consumer Price Index. He also introduced legislation which requires school committees to provide transportation for any student who resides two or more miles from school and a bill which would make it a felony to price gouge prescriptions or pharmaceuticals in time of a shortage.

During the 2021 legislative session, he introduced a bill which requires the Department of Education to develop and make available for school use a mental health curriculum. Schools would be required to provide four hours of mental health instruction to seventh grade students. Representative Lombardi also introduced legislation which requires school committees to provide transportation for any student who resides two or more miles from school.

Born on April 30, 1952, Representative Lombardi graduated from Mount Pleasant High School in Providence in 1970, and then earned his bachelor’s degree from Rhode Island College in 1975. He earned a master’s degree in education from RIC in 1982 and a law degree from Suffolk University in Boston in 1987.

In addition to his duties as a legislator, Representative Lombardi is employed as an attorney and was named the Chief Judge of the Providence Municipal Court in January 2023. He served as an Associate Judge in the Municipal Court since 2014. He served on the Providence City Council for more than 26 years, including one year as acting mayor and eight years as council president. He is the former president of the Federal Hill House and Zuccolo Recreation Center.

Representative Lombardi resides in Providence with his wife, Denise.​​