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Vacant Commission Property
10-30-2023---RI Statewide School Historic Enrollment
10-30-2023---Vacant School Building Presentation
10-30-2023---RIDE Vacant Building Report
10-30-2023---RIDE Vacant Building Report Initial List-July 2022
10-30-2023---RIDE Vacant School Building Report October 1, 2023
10-30-2023---RIDE Vacant Building Report Additional Buildings January 2023
10-30-2023---Agenda Vacant Properties Commission
10-01-2023---Vacant School Building Report
05-02-2023---Preliminary RI State Parcel Inventory DOA
09-18-2023---What to do with unused state property_ Why not make it housing, ProJo
09-18-2023---Jennifer Hawkins One Neighborhood Builders
09-18-2023---Melina Lodge HNRI presentation Vacant Properties Commission
09-18-2023---Agenda Vacant and Abandoned Properties
06-05-2023---DLT Matt Weldon presentation
06-05-2023---Agenda Vacant Property Commission
05-18-2023---Big River Reservoir Inundation Map
05-08-2023---Agenda Vacant and Abandoned Properties Commission
05-02-2023---Director's Letter to Chairman Noret (April 3 Meeting Follow-up)
04-03-2023---Big River Management Area DOA
04-03-2023---Agenda Vacant Properties Commission
02-13-2023---DOA Vacant Property Commission FINAL
02-13-2023---Agenda Vacant Property Commission
Agenda Vacant Property Commission January 9 2023