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Commission Documents
Representative Jennifer Boylan​ChairHouse Appointee
Representative Joseph McNamaraVice ChairHouse Appointee
Representative Jennifer StewartMemberHouse Appointee
Andy AndradeMemberRhode Island Department of Education
Lawrence FilippelliMemberRhode Island School Superintendents Association
Francis J. FlynnMemberRhode Island Chapter of the American Federation of Teachers
Sherrie MonacoMemberRhode Island Association of School Psychologists
Chief Scott KettelleMemberRhode Island Association of Fire Chiefs, Inc.
Katelyn Medeiros, EsqMemberOffice of the Rhode Island Child Advocate
Millie PiperMemberRhode Island High School Student
Amanda Soave-CuriMemberRhode Island Public School Special Needs Educator
Chief Kevin M. LynchMemberRhode Island Police Chiefs’ Association
Corporal Nicholas RivelloMemberRhode Island State Police
Michael HassellMemberRhode Island Association of School Principals
Glenn Valentine MemberHouse Appointee - Rhode Island High School Teacher
Amy MullenMemberRhode Island Chapter of the National Education Association
Edward TroianoMemberRhode Island Office of the Attorney General
Dexter VincentMemberRhode Island High School Student
Jennifer Ahlijanian MemberRhode Island Association of Social Workers