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Mandated Safety Protocols for Rhode Island Schools - Final Report
1-4-24---Rhode Island Police Chiefs Association Letter to the Commission
1-22-2024---Lockdown Drills Agenda 1-22-24
12-11-2023---Jeffrey Kelly Testimony
12-11-2023---Julia Steiny Testimony
12-11-2023---Daphne Meredith Testimony
12-11-2023---Emma Elias Testimony
12-11-2023---Sherri Simmons Testimony
12-11-2023---50 State Comparison of School Safety Drills
12-11-2023---50 State Comparison of School Safety Plans
12-11-2023---Dan Marion Testimony
12-11-2023---Lindsay Elias Testimony
12-11-2023---Lockdown Drills Agenda 12-11-23
12-11-2023---RI Kids Count Testimony
11-8-2023---Amy Herlihy Testimony
11-8-2023---Public Testimony Sign Up Sheet
11-8-2023---Alice Adler testimony
11-8-2023---RIDE and Superintendents Association Presentation
11-8-2023---Dr. Fox Biography
11-8-2023---Dr. Fox Presentaiton
11-8-2023---Lockdown Drills Agenda 11-8-23
10-25-2023---RISFC Swatting Presentation
10-25-2023---Dr Griggs Presentation
10-25-2023---Lockdown Drills Agenda 10-25-23
10-10-2023--- RINEA Amy Mullen Presentation
10-10-2023---Dr. Pogacar Presentation Safety Drills in Rhode Island Schools
10-10-2023---K-2 Code Red Lockdown Digital Book
10-10-2023---RIPCA Safety Checklist Template
10-10-2023---2023-2024 Code Red Drill Schedule Elementary 3-5
10-10-2023---2023-2024 Code Red Drill Schedule Secondary Schools
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