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Quahog Commission
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Commission Documents
04-30-2024---Agenda Quahog Commission
04-11-2024---Benjamin Shalant Public Testimony
04-05-2024---Mark Johnson Shellfisherman's Alliance Recommendations
04-03-2024---NBC Quahog Commission Letter Findings and Recommendations
04-04-2024---RI commission wants to help quahogs, but not by raising nitrogen levels ProJo
04-02-2024-RI Current, Shellfishermen, DEM officials at odds over increasing nitrogen discharges in bay to feed quahogs
04-02-2024---Dr. Marta Gomez-Chiarri URI Proposed Findings and Recommendations
04-02-2024---RIDEM Quahog Commission Proposed Findings and Recommendations
04-02-2024---RI Shellfisherman's Association Proposed Findings and Recommendations
04-02-2024---Agenda Quahog Commission
03-12-2024---Quahog Commission Permits and Legal Authority Joseph Haberek RIDEM
03-13-2024---What comes next for RI’s disappearing Quahogs Alex Kuffner ProJo Part 3
03-13-2024---Human intervention changed life in Narragansett Bay Alex Kuffner ProJo Part 2
03-13-2024---The quahog holds a dear place in RI’s culture. Could its days be numbered Alex Kuffner ProJo Part1
03-07-2024---DEM authority to issue wastewater treatment facility discharge permits James Boyd RISA
03-05-2024---Agenda Quahog Commission
02-29-2024---DEM DMF Quahog Commission Memo license demographics
02-06-2024---2023 RISA Quahog Seeding Report
01-26-2024---RI DEM OWR WWTF Chlorine reduction standards
01-25-2024---Rebuilding a Collapsed Bivalve Population Long Island Chris Gobler 08302022
01-25-2024---Mackenzie and Tarnowski 2018 Fisheries Review shellfish and climate
01-23-2024---Mark Johnson comments
01-23-2024---Greg Renzulli Shell Fisherman
01-23-2024---Wayne Rice Shell Fisherman
01-23-2024---Manual Sousa Shell Fisherman Tiverton RI
01-23-2024---Kincaid Quahog Commission PDF
01-23-2024---Jason Grear presentation PDF
01-23-2024---Agenda Quahog Commission
12-05-2023---Dr. Autumn Oczkowski
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