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Commission Documents
5.30.24 Housing Agenda
04-25-2024---Agenda OA and HA-3
04-25-2024--Full LTCCC Housing Report
04-25-2024--Housing Needs of RI's Older Adults
04-25-2024--LTCCC Housing Report Presentation
03-21-2024--Missing Middle
03-21-2024--Christine West Kite Architects
02-15-2024--City-of-Providence_Presentation-8 Law Proposal - Updated
02-15-2024--Dept of Housing HAC Slides
02-15-2024---Updated agenda
Secretary Pryor- Housing Update 11.16.23
Jen Hawkins - One Neighborhood Builders Presentation 11.15.23
Paul Karrer - NAHB Presentation - 10.19.23
BCC James Cambio Presentation 10.19
Housing Presentation Secretary Pryor- 9-14-23 (1)
PHARI Statewide Data
PHARI Presentation
H6088- Expanding & Extending LMIH
Black Political Action Education Committee
Women + Housing - A RI Snapshot
3-21-2023 Briefing materials LMIH Commission- Secretary Pryor
RI Coalition to End Homelessness Presentation
RIHousing response to questions-LMIH Commission mtg- 1.24.23 (003)
Written testiomy ADU
RIHousing SFRF-January 19, 2023
1.5.23 -United Way Low and Moderate Income Housing Act (redline)
Memorandum_Overview of LMIHA Recommendations United Way (1.5.23)(857086.3)
United Way of RI _ Klein Hornig LLP_ Presentation to the Low Mod Commision _ 11023
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