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10-21-2021 Agenda
Broadband-Senate.Finance-10.21.21 v2
DOA presentation to Sen Finance Cmte 10-21-21
Senate Finance Housing Down Payment - draft (002)
SFO ARPA - Housing Hearing
DOA Deck 9.21.21
NCSL Testimony_RI Senate Finance Committee_9.21.21
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ARPA Overview 6.1.21
5-20-21 3PM DOH presentation to Senate Finance
Department of Health
Art- 13 Relating to Human Services Sect 1-4 7
Department of Corrections Presentation 5-17-21
Department of Corrections
FY2022 Gov - DOC
Article 9 - Relating to Economic Development
Article 9, Sections 2-16
Commerce Presentation - Senate Finance Committee 5.13.21
Executive Office of Commerce
COVID Federal Funds. CRRSA and ARP ESSER II and III
Data Update. March 2021
Education Aid
Elementary and Secondary Education
Department of Public Safety
Department of the Attorney General
DPS_Senate Finance May 2021
Article 8 - Relating to Public Utilities and Carriers
Department of Administration
DOA Senate Finance 050421
DPUC-PUC May 4 2021 Slides - Senate Presentation (Budget Article 8) - EDITED with FTE Splits (2)
Public Utilities Commission
5-3-21 Senate Finance presentation
Art. 3 Relating to Gov. Reform and Reorg
Department of Business Regulation
Department of Labor and Training
DLT Budget_05.03.21_FINAL
FY2022 Gov - DLT
OHIC Senate Finance SFY 2022 Governor's Budget Pre-Examination Analysis Presentation 5-3-21 Final
Risked-Based Capital
Article 10- Relating to Fishing Industry Modernization
Article 7- Relating to the Environment
Coastal Resources Management Council
CRMC Presentation
DEM and Related Articles
DEM Presentation
Department of Environmental Management
RIDOH Presentation
Article 12 - Medicaid
Article 14 - Uncompensated Care
Article 15 - RIte Share
Article 6 - Hospital License Fee
EOHHS FY 22 Budget Presentation_Senate Finance_04262021
EOHHS FY2021-22
4-15 SFC Budget Hearing - Various DOR Articles
4-15 SFC Budget Hearing- Various DOR Articles
Article 2 Supplemental - Relating to the Paycheck Protection Program
Department of Revenue
Senate Finance Hearing 4.15.21 - Article 2 PPP
Senate Finance Hearing 4.15.21 - DOR and Related Sections of Article 3 and
2021-S-0568 Deck
2021-S0568- Food and Drugs - cannabis authorization regulation and taxa
Article 11 - Relating to Adult-Use Marijuana Deck
Article 11 - Relating to Adult-Use Marijuana
OMB Senate Finance and Judiciary Slide Deck 4-1-21
03-25-2021 Agenda
Article 16 - Relating to Housing - SFO Presentation Final
Article 16 - Relating to Housing
Article 16 housing slides for Senate Finance 032521 - FINAL
03-08-2021 Agenda
03-04-2021 Agenda
02-25-2021 Agenda
Agenda 2-04-2021
Housing Hearing Slides 2.3.21 415 update
OMB-PRO Memo_2.23.21_SenateFinanceHousing Follow-Up
1-28-2021 Agenda
SFC Revenues Briefing 01-28-2021 Final
01-19-2021 Leg Memo Appendices A and B
01-20-2021 Senate Hearing on Stimulus - FINAL
02.11.21 Senate Finance Part 2
1-21-2021 Agenda
12-08-2020 Agenda
11-18-2020 Agenda
2020-11-17 Senate Marijuana Article 13 Slides (Final)
Article 13 - Relating to State-Controlled Adult-Use Marijuana Deck
Article 13 - Relating to State Controlled Adult Use Marijuana (Updated)
Fiscal Note 2020-S-2494 (approved)
Fiscal Note 2020-S-2801 (approved)
New Article - Relating to Accident and Sickness Insurance Policies (Deck)
New Article - Relating to Accident and Sickness Insurance Policies
New Article - Relating to Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies
New Article - Relating to Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Deck
Proposed Legislative Changes Related to Gender Rating and Medicare Supplement
10-07-2020 Agenda
10-7 SFC Hearing Presentation - Limitation on Losses - Final
ESH Redesign Proposal AM Senate Oct 7 2020
RBC Amendment 10-7-20
08-18-2020 Agenda
Article 4 and 5 Debt Presentation
07-28-2020 Agenda
07-23-2020 Agenda
Senate Finance Hearing Overview of Article 20 and Telemedicine
07-21-2020 Agenda
Article 10 - Senate Finance 072120 - ppt slides FINAL
07-14-2020 Agenda
Comparison 4440 to 4440 Sub A-3
S2337 Sub A IGT TR Joint Venture
07-09-2020 Agenda
RIDLT Article 19
07-07-2020 Agenda
7-7-20 SFC Hearing Presentation - Hotel and Treasury Offset Items
Commerce 7.7.20
FY2020 HFC Changes to Governor
FY2020 Supplemental Budget Presentation SFC 6.16.20
SFO FY2020 Supplemental Budget as Passed by HFC
NCSL Rhode Island Senate - final
HEROES Act_RI State and Municipal Estimated Funding
Agenda 5-21-2020
2020-5-21 Senate Hearing