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 House State Government and Elections Documents

H6446-RI League of Cities and Towns
06-22-2021-H6446-Town of Charlestown
06-22-2021-H6446 - RI DBR
06-22-2021-H6446 - RI Builders Association
06-14-2021-S0852-Sub A-LWV
06-14-2021-H5891-Sub A-RIDOH
06-14-2021-H5891-Sub A-RI Press Association
06-14-2021-H5891-Sub A-RI ACLU
06-14-2021-H5891-Sub A-Nancy Green
06-14-2021-H5891-Sub A-Common Cause RI
06-14-2021-H5891Sub A-Barry Schiller
06-14-2021-H5891-Sub A RI League of Cities and Towns
06-14-2021-H5891-Sub A RI DBR
06-14-2021-H5891-Sub A NEFAC
06-14-2021-H5891-Sub A LWV
06-14-2021-H5891-Sub A - RI Housing
06-14-2021-H5891-Sub A - Randall Rose
06-14-2021-H5891-Roberta Houllahan
06-14-2021-H5891 SubA-Tom Sgouros
06-14-2021-H5891 Sub A-Patricia Raub RI Transit Riders
06-14-2021-H5891 Sub A-Mary Pendergast
06-14-2021-H5891 Sub A-Ethan Shorey
06-14-2021-H5891 Sub A-Donna Lico
06-14-2021-H5506 Sub A-RIRRC
06-07-2021-H6383-RI DEM
06-07-2021-H6383-RI Business Coalition
06-07-2021-H6383-RI ACLU
06-07-2021-H6383-Mayor Elorza
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