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9th annual education summit.pdfNinth Annual Rhode Island Education Summit
2020 Legislative Accomplishments.pdf2020 Legislative Accomplishments
Impact of COVID-19 on Hospitality Industry.pdfImpact of COVID-19 on Hospitality Industry
Cash Flow Analysis.pdfCash Flow Analysis
Emergency Cash Flow Borrowing Resolution.pdfEmergency Cash Flow Borrowing Resolution
Disaster Emergency Funding Board3-24.pdfDisaster Emergency Funding
2020-03-23 Emergency Funding Board.pdfEmergency Funding Board
RI Education Summit Agenda.pdfRI Education Summit Agenda
Funding Formula TF full report.pdfEducation Funding Formula Full Report
AiC Progress Report.eversion.pdfAging in Community Progress Report
SenateSessionReport2019.pdfSenate Session Report 2019
ElderAbuseFinancialExploitation2019.pdfElder Abuse Financial Exploitation 2019
SenateSessionReport2018.pdfRhode Island Senate Session Report 2018
Child Fatality Review Panel Report 061119.pdfChild Fatality Review Panel Report 061119
PESTICIDE COMN Rept FINAL.pdfPesticide Commission Final Report 06/2018
SenateAccomplishmentsBook2018.pdfRhode Island Senate Session Report 2018
H7290A-DRAFT SUBA.pdfPawSox Draft Legislation
PawSox Hearings Report_Final.pdfPawsox Hearings Report - final
Senate Health Literacy Commission Report 2017.pdfSenate Health Literacy Commission Report 2017
Solitary final report.pdfSpecial Legislative Commission to Study and Assess the Use of Solitary Confinement at The Rhode Island ACI
FY 2016 REPORT.pdfFY 2016 REPORT
FY 2014 REPORT.pdfFY 2014 REPORT
FY 2015 REPORT.pdfFY 2015 REPORT
FINAL Senate HHS Mental Health Report 2017.pdfFINAL Senate HHS Mental Health Report 2017
final-oca-child-fatality-review-panel-report03232017.pdfChild Fatality Review Panel Final Report
Building an Age-Friendly Community.pdfBuilding an Age-Friendly Community
BH_and_PCP_Findings_and_Recommendations_final.pdfFinal Report of the Special Joint Commission to Study the Integration of  Primary Care and Behavioral Health
AiC Full Final Report 6.13.16.pdfAging in Community: Full Report
AginginComm Exec SummaryFinal.pdfAging in Community: Executive Summary
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