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2/22/2018Sen. Sheehan, Rep. Craven introduce legislation to ban bump stocks, binary triggers and trigger cranks 
2/13/2018Sen. Sheehan announces DEM grant for Gilbert Stuart green space in North Kingstown 
2/2/2018Sheehan appointed to commission to study line item veto, gubernatorial runoff elections 
1/26/2018Senate resolution congratulates Paul Tetreault for receiving 2017 Hometown Hero Award 
11/27/2017Sen. Sheehan says risks should be mitigated or state should walk away from PawSox deal 
9/19/2017General Assembly passes Sheehan, Ajello bill that would establish a post-election audit program 
6/22/2017Senate passes Sheehan legislation that would require a Citizens’ Budget Report for the general public 
5/2/2017Sen. Sheehan introduces constitutional amendment calling for a line item veto 
2/24/2017Rep. Casimiro and Sen. Sheehan introduce ‘Honor and Remember Flag’ legislation 
6/28/2016Senator Sheehan welcomes cut in beach fees, anticipates greater revenue received by beach communities 
6/13/2016Sen. Sheehan gratified to see GE jobs as fruits of Qualified Jobs Incentive Act 
6/9/2016General Assembly passes legislation paving the way for a homestead tax exemption in Narragansett 
4/29/2016Sen. Sheehan applauds governor, speaker’s support for cutting minimum corporate tax 
2/10/2016Sheehan introduces ‘common ground’ constitutional amendment to restore ethics oversight of state legislature 
2/5/2016Senator Sheehan secures legislative grant for Davisville Library, N.K. Food Pantry 
1/15/2016Senator Sheehan secures legislative grant for Mettatuxet Improvement association 
12/18/2015Chairman Sheehan highlights Commerce Corporation overhaul at Oversight meeting  
11/13/2015Senator Sheehan secures legislative grant for North Kingstown Senior Center 
9/30/2015Sheehan, Craven call for Rhode Island Airport Corporation to delay eviction of Quonset Air Museum 
8/28/2015Sen. Sheehan calls for end to First Southwest contract 
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