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Representative Michael Morin

Michael A. Morin

Deputy Majority Leader

Second Vice-Chairman, House Committee on Small Business

Member, House Committee on Finance

Chairman, House Finance Subcommittee on Public Safety

Member, House Committee on Corporations

Michael A. Morin (D) was first elected to serve the people of District 49 in Woonsocket in a special election in February 2014 to fill a seat previously held by Lisa Baldelli Hunt, who was elected mayor of Woonsocket. A Deputy Majority Leader, he serves as a member of the House Finance Committee and is the chairman of that committee’s Subcommittee on Public Safety. He is also the second vice chairman of the House Small Business Committee and a member of the House Corporations Committee.

In 2017, Representative Morin sponsored a child-protection law now enacted that prohibits the manufacture, sale, and distribution of residential upholstered children's products that contain certain amounts of bromide or chlorine bonded to carbon that is added to a plastic, foam, or textile. He also successfully sponsored legislation that creates a veteran's preference in the issuance of state contracts.

In the 2016 session, he introduced legislation to assist Rhode Island’s growing brewery and distillery industries and to encourage an increasingly popular segment of the tourism industry. The new law allows breweries and distilleries to sell limited amounts of their products to visitors for sampling and off-site consumption

In his first term, he sponsored successful legislation to attract large-scale theatrical tours and productions to the Stadium Theatre in Woonsocket by expanding the state’s musical and theatrical production tax credit program to include venues of its size.

In 2015, he sponsored successful legislation aimed at encouraging music education in all public high schools, and cosponsored legislation that increased the penalties for sex trafficking of a minor.

Representative Morin is a captain in the Woonsocket Fire Department and serves as assistant deputy state fire marshal. He has been with employed by the fire department for 29 years and is the former president of the Woonsocket Firefighters, Local 732. He is a member of the Woonsocket Rotary Club and is on the Board of Directors for the Stadium Theatre.

He is a 1983 graduate of Woonsocket High School and holds a degree in fire sciences from the Community College of Rhode Island.

A resident of 180 Allen St., Representative Morin has lived in Woonsocket for more than 40 years. Born on December 1, 1965, he is the youngest of seven children of Ann Marie (Danis) Morin and the late George Morin, the former principal of Woonsocket High School.