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This experience gave me the opportunity to look at businesses from another perspective. In school, I was taught pure theory. I was taught to focus on shareholder's wants and customer's needs. However, the internship took me to another level of a business such as the compliance with laws and regulations. I was exposed to real business problems. This placement enhanced my business skills and I learned new areas in my field.
Department of AdministrationBryant University
My placement experience contributed a great deal to my career development. I would very much recommend this placement to another student/intern. I have learned so much and the people are just wonderful. They will go out of their way to make sure that I understand what I am doing, and are willing to let me go even beyond what an intern can do. Thank you once again for giving me this opportunity!
Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and HospitalsUniversity of Rhode Island
This experience has undoubtedly shaped my thinking and ability to analyze critically. Be it a research assignment or public encounter, I eagerly approach a challenge and thoroughly pursue a wider breath of potential solutions to the conclusion. I am a more thoughtful and critical thinker for this opportunity.
Office of the Lt. GovernorLondon School of Economics
This is highly recommended! Thank you, the last two summers have been great. I really appreciate all of your help.
Office of the Attorney General Syracuse University College of Law
I was able to help in different departments and develop different skills that’ll help me in the career path of Human Resources… The staff I worked with were so helpful and allowed me to work alongside them and be part of the team.
Lifespan CorporationUniversity of Rhode IslandSpring 2017
I am a Political Science and Public Administration major with a minor in Economics who via this opportunity was able to track legislation. I was able to see the bill that bore the markings of my hard work and persistence be proposed and referred to committee…This program has allowed me to gain experience in my various fields of study through first hand encounters with decision makers, as I saw through numerous sessions of Senate and Committee hearings.
Rhode Island SenateRhode Island CollegeSpring 2017
My placement experience contributed to my career development by that it helped me know the judicial procedures and how the district court handles cases and how different judges have different point of views. I want to be a lawyer in the future, and attending court really helped me decide if I really like the field or not. I learned that being a lawyer is not an easy job and requires lots of attention to detail.
The 6th District Court – Clerks OfficeRhode Island CollegeSpring 2017
I was initially interested in this internship because I wanted to explore government and policy as a potential career path. I think the thing I took away was that I am even more interested in government and policy. This internship did reaffirm my desire to go to law school and remain active in politics and policy.
Rhode Island House of RepresentativesBrown UniversitySpring 2017
This internship with the Department of Agriculture has prepared me to work in an office environment and be able to multi-task. Working daily with the department’s computer system has strengthened my computer experience from when I started… I would suggest this internship to anyone studying accounting or bookkeeping.
Department of AgricultureRhode Island CollegeSpring 2017
This placement with the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office has helped me tremendously by exposing me to the process of becoming a lawyer, the character required in a lawyer, and the legal support system in the state.
Bar Administrator, Office of the Supreme Court ClerkRoger Williams Law SchoolSpring 2017
My placement supervisor gave me tasks to complete that related to my college work along with areas she knew I needed to know in order to fulfill a future career in business. It helped me achieve useful professional skills, and it has helped me become more successful and proficient in my college major.
Rhode Island Association of Community Action Agencies Community College of Rhode Island
I was able to get a sense of what my supervisor does as a Communications Coordinator here, but also gain a sense of what this non-profit does in general for the community…. The placement also provided me with professional skills such as how to interact with a multitude of employees from different fields and interests and how to carry myself in meetings with supervisors….
Community Action Partnership of ProvidenceProvidence College
I would suggest this internship to others because of all the professional skills I’ve learned.  I’ve gained more organization, time management and team work skills.  All of these things will help me get ahead in my career….I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do after this internship and with my career, but after spending a few months here, I know exactly where I want to go in my career.
Providence Emergency Management Agency and Homeland SecurityJohnson and Wales University