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 House Commissions

Beirut Memorial
Blackstone Valley Economic Development
Growing Tourism
Gulf Wars Veterans Memorial
High School Start Times
Involuntary Inpatient Treatment
Low/Moderate Income Housing
Online Data Privacy
Out of School Time Learning
Parentage Act
Persons of Color in Education
RI Sailing Events Commission
Sexual Harassment in Workplace
Step Therapy Protocols

 Senate Commissions

Adult Education
Criminal Discovery
CRMC Reorganization
Development Disabilities Project Sustainability
Education Funding Formula
Elderly Abuse and Financial Exploitation
Fisheries Task Force
Insurer Payment Impact on Health Care
Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights
Natural Gas Transmission Infrastructure
Out of School Learning
Pesticide Control
Vicious Dogs
Water Resources Board

 Joint Commissions

Black and Latino Caucus
Child Care
Civics Education
Defense Economy Planning
Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday
Medical Marijuana Act
Veterans/Military Spouse Education House
Veterans/Military Spouse Education Senate