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Blackstone Valley Economic Development Commission
Civic Education Commission
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. State Holiday Commission
House Commission Studying High School Start Times
House Commission to Study Methods for Growing Tourism
House Commission to Study the Towing Storage Act
House Geoengineering Commission
House Marine Life Study Commission
Joint Municipal Shared Services Study Commission
Legislative Commission to Study the Feasibility of Modernizing Probate Law and Procedure
Legislative Oversight Commission of the Medical Marijuana Act
Online Data Privacy Commission
Out of School Time Learning Commission
Pesticide Control Commission
Project Sustainability Commission
Recycling Commission
Senate Commission Regarding Adult Education
Senate Commission to Conduct A Comprehensive Review and Make Recommendations Regarding Grandparent Rights
Special Legisaltive Commission to Study the Topic of Health Literacy
Special Legislative Commission on Defense Economy Planning
Special Legislative Commission To Assess And Make Recommendations On The Educational Needs Of Children With Dyslexia And/Or Reading Disabilities
Special legislative Commission to Study and Make Recommendation for a Plan and the Design of a Beirut Memorial
Special Legislative Commission to Study Low and Moderate Income Housing Act
Special Legislative Commission to Study the Effects of Legalizing Marijuana
Special Legislative Commission to Study Unlawful Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Special Senate Commission to Study the Challenges Facing Commercial Development and the Redevelopment of Historic Buildings
Special Task Force on Criminal Discovery
Special Task Force to Study Elderly Abuse and Financial Exploitation
The Permanent Legislative Commission on Child Care in Rhode Island
The Rhode Island Legislative Black and Latino Caucus
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