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Representative Aaron RegunbergRepresentative Aaron RegunbergChairmanHouse Appointee
Representative Jean Philippe BarrosRepresentative Jean Philippe BarrosMemberHouse Appointee
Representative Sherry RobertsRepresentative Sherry RobertsMemberHouse Appointee
A.T. Wall, Director, Depratment of CorrectionsMemberHouse Appointee
Dr. Louis Cerbo, Mental Health Director, Department of CorrectionsMemberHouse Appointee
Richard Ferruccio, Rhode Island Brotherhood of Correctional OfficersMemberHouse Appointee
Roberta Richman, former Corrections AdministratorMemberHouse Appointee
Shakur El-AminMemberHouse Appointee
John Prince, Direct Action for Rights and EqualityMemberHouse Appointee
Jordan Seaberry, Institute for the Study and Practice of NonviolenceMemberHouse Appointee
Laura Pisaturo, Chairwoman, RI Parole BoardMemberHouse Appointee
Michael DiLauro, Office of the Public DefenderMemberHouse Appointee
Meghan Clingham, Director, Office of the Mental Health AdvocateMemberHouse Appointee
Kenny Alston, Rhode Island Department of HealthMemberHouse Appointee
Brad Brockman, Center for Prisoner Health and Human RightsMemberHouse Appointee
Kevin Nerney, Rhode Island Developmental Disabilites CouncilMemberHouse Appointee
James Weeden, Assistant Director, Department of CorrectionsMemberHouse Appointee
Nancy Bailey, former Corrections AdministratorMemberHouse Appointee
Dr. Christopher MatkovicMemberHouse Appointee