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D - District 10
(401) 741-7641
74 Sawyer Street
Providence, RI 02907

Representative Scott A. Slater

Deputy Majority Leader

First Vice Chair, House Finance Committee

Member, House Rules Committee​

Member, House Special Legislation Committee

Scott A. Slater (D) has served the people of Providence in District 10 since winning a special election in November 2009 to fill the seat after the passing of his father, Thomas Slater. He is a Deputy Majority Leader. Representative Slater is the first vice chair of the House Finance Committee and chairs that committee's Education Subcommittee. He also serves as a member of the House Rules Committee and the House Special Legislation ​​Committee. Representative Slater is also a member of the Permanent Joint Committee on State Lottery.

In 2023, Representative Slater was the primary sponsor of a new law which would allow the state’s recreational cannabis dispensaries to advertise their products. Previously, Rhode Island’s cannabis businesses were unable to advertise by law, although dispensaries in other states, such as Massachusetts, were allowed to advertise within Rhode Island.

He also introduced legislation which would increase the daily rate of payments to nursing facilities by 20 percent for single occupancy rooms to include private bathrooms and a bill which would create an income-sensitive tiered subsidy program to ensure that home energy utility costs are affordable for eligible low-income households.

After many years of advocacy, in 2022, Representative Slater’s legislation to legalize recreational adult use of cannabis was signed into law.

He also introduced a bill in 2022 which would establish an income-sensitive tiered subsidy program​ to ensure that home energy utility costs are affordable for eligible low-income households, and he cosponsored legislation which would limit rate increases​ by electric distribution companies to either 5.5% annually or be no greater than the increase in the Consumer Price Index.

Aside from his legislative duties, he works as a budget analyst for the City of Providence. He earned a bachelor's degree at Bryant University. Born on May 28, 1975, he is married to Bianca Rodriguez and they have two daughters, Mia and Madeline.