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Representative Justin Price
R - District 39
Hopkinton, Exeter, Richmond
(401) 222-2259

Justin K. Price

Member, House Municipal Government and Housing Committee 

Member, House Small Business Committee 

Member, House Special Legislation Committee

Member, House Veterans' Affairs Committee

Representative Justin K. Price, USMC, commercial fisherman and carpenter, was first elected to represent the residents from District 39 in November 2014, which includes the town of Richmond and portions of Exeter and Hopkinton. He serves as a member of the House Municipal Government and Housing Committee, the House Small Business Committee, the House Special Legislation Committee and the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Price offers a staunch conservative voice within the Rhode Island General Assembly. During the 2019 Legislative Session he sponsored bills protecting public funds distribution to convenience abortion entities; and offered residential zoning protections from marijuana growth businesses. In 2016, Price successfully sponsored legislation to reconfigure the Chariho Regional School Committee. The committee’s composition is now based on the most recent census data to reflect the population distribution between the member communities.

Price moved to Exeter in 1979 as a military family member. His father was a career Navy man. Price served 4 years of active duty in the United States Marine Corps, where he earned an honorable discharge commendation, and returned to Rhode Island.

Price has made a living first as a fisherman, and then as a carpenter. He has spent much of his time helping to revitalize Historic Shannock Village in Richmond. He also serves as an active member of the Richmond Historical Society.

Price resides in Richmond with his wife. ​