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D - District 60​​
(401) 663-5600 ​
984 York Avenue
Pawtucket, RI 02861

Representative Karen Alzate

Member, House Education Committee

Member, House Labor Committee

Member, House Municipal Government and Housing

Member, House Special Legislation Committee

Rep. Karen Alzate (D-Dist. 60, Pawtucket) was first elected to the House of Representatives in November 2018. She is a member of the House Education Committee, the House Labor Committee, the House Municipal Government and Housing Committee, and the House Special Legislation Committee. Rep. Alzate is the chair of the Legislative Black and Latino Caucus.

During the 2021 session, Representative Alzate sponsored a new law which updates the definition of “dating violence” by providing a more inclusive definition that recognizes the wide variety of forms abuse can take. This bill amended a current law which requires school districts to have policies on reporting and responding to dating violence between students when they learn of it. She also sponsored another new law which requires the Department of Health to create rules and regulations for the licensing and operation of school-based health centers operating in elementary and secondary schools.

In 2021, she was appointed as a member of the Office of Postsecondary Commissioner Advisory Committee.

During her first legislative session in 2019, Representative Alzate sponsored legislation that created a special legislative commission to study and make recommendations for encouraging more persons of color to enter education fields. Representative Alzate was elected chairwoman of the commission, which is still active.

She also was a co-sponsor of the 2019 passage of the Reproductive Privacy Act, which protects existing reproductive rights set forth under the landmark Roe v. Wade case from infringement at the federal level. She also saw legislation that she sponsored signed into law that moves the date of primaries to the eighth Tuesday preceding biennial state elections.

She graduated from Tolman High School in 2006 and received her bachelor’s degree in political science from Rhode Island College in 2013. She received a Master’s Degree in community development from Roger Williams University in 2019. Representative Alzate was a part of the Latina Leadership Institute in 2017 and she was previously a member of the New Leaders Council in 2016.

Representative Alzate was born on December 26, 1987 and resides in Pawtucket.​