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​Rhode Island State Government Internship Program

Benefits of Interning

Internships provide many benefits! Students gain valuable work experience, have opportunities to gain an inside perspective of the workplace, develop important skills, make lasting connections, complete meaningful projects and come out of the experience with a portfolio of real world experience. Many employers seek employees with experience in the field. An internship provides this valuable experience!

Career Exploration

An internship offers the opportunity to learn in a professional work place, with current employees and a placement supervisor. You are immersed in the working environment where you can observe and participate in the actual day to day experience and gain a true appreciation of the requirements and job responsibilities.

Skill Development

Internships help you develop and foster concrete, transferable skills. You gain practical skills, leadership skills, communication skills and important soft skills that employers seek out. You are provided with hands on training and feedback. You can utilize the ideas and theories learned in the classroom in a professional environment.


An Internship allows you to work alongside professionals in the field. You will learn from them and have an opportunity to establish a network of contacts, references and potential mentors. These individuals are able to offer real world advice and can even help to provide direction and career development.

Resume/Portfolio Enhancement/College Credit

Internships provide valuable experience and real world accomplishment to add to your resume. Some internships will provide the opportunity to create projects that you can add to your portfolio of achievements. Other internships may also provide the opportunity to earn college credit.

Great Learning Experience

Internships provide you with a window into the workplace of your career goals. You will be working on real projects for a state department or organization that will give you an in depth experience not possible in the classroom. You will gain valuable insight and perspective that will benefit you in all your future endeavors.