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 Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Rhode Island Legislative Black and Latino Caucus (RILBLC) represents and advocates for the interests of disadvantaged people throughout the State of Rhode Island. It seeks to increase a diverse participation and representation in all levels of government. Our ultimate goal is to close (and ultimately, to eliminate) disparities that still exist between White and Non White Americans in every aspect of life.

 The RILBLC will continue to work with all who are willing to work with us to help advance our agenda and achieve this goal.


Thus, Our Objectives are:


1. To serve as a strong, united and effective advocate for multicultural Rhode Islanders.

2. To increase diverse representation in all levels of government, including statewide appointed and elected officials.

3. To create employment and economic security.

4. To ensure equal access to education, social, health services, employment and other relevant programs.

5. To help curtail violence amongst young people in the community.