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Press Releases

 Press Releases

5/10/2018Bill would allow for lifesaving fentanyl test strips to prevent overdose deaths
5/9/2018Media Advisory: Advocates to gather in support of fentanyl test strips as a way to promote health and safety in overdose epidemic
4/24/2018Rep. Regunberg praises executive order on net neutrality
4/5/2018Media Advisory: Bill to let workers bid on closing businesses to be heard today
3/29/2018Regunberg introduces resolution to label neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups terrorists
3/27/2018Group of male representatives speak out for reproductive freedom and choice
3/14/2018Goodwin, Regunberg honored by AARP for sick time law
3/1/2018Regunberg introduces legislation to allow workers a chance to buy closing businesses
2/14/2018Rep. Regunberg introduces legislation for electric utility accountability
2/8/2018Legislators commit to fight for 2018 ‘Fair Shot Agenda’
2/6/2018Media Advisory: R.I. legislators to roll out ‘Fair Shot Agenda 2018’
2/1/2018Regunberg bill would counter federal net neutrality move for all state-funded internet service
1/31/2018Calkin, Regunberg introduce carbon pricing bill
1/31/2018Calkin, Regunberg introduce carbon pricing bill
1/30/2018Media Advisory: Regunberg to announce net neutrality bill
1/29/2018Media Advisory: Calkin, Regunberg to announce Climate Resilience Act, new regional coalition
1/24/2018Calkin, Regunberg introduce single-payer health care bill
1/22/2018Media Advisory: Regunberg, Calkin to unveil single-payer health care bill at news conference Wednesday
1/17/2018Regunberg submits package to open access to the State House
1/16/2018Regunberg to introduce resolution in opposition to offshore drilling
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