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Press Releases

 Press Releases

3/16/2018Rep. Lancia and Rep. Nardolillo Announce 4th Annual Bow Ties Against Bullying Event
2/21/2018Rep. Nardolillo calls for increase counseling for students
2/21/2018Rep. Nardolillo Calls for Greater School Security Funds Safety Improvements with Smoking Tax
2/6/2018Rep. Nardolillo Demands Justice for LGBTQ Veterans
2/5/2018Rep. Nardolillo Introduces Legislation to Stop 'Swatting'
2/1/2018Rep. Nardolillo Wants to Help Veteran Owned Businesses
1/26/2018Rep. Nardolillo Calls for the Elimination of Front License Plates
1/24/2018Rep. Nardolillo Calls for Increased Penalties on Illegally Parked Vehicles in Handicapped Spaces
1/17/2018State Representative Robert Nardolillo III will introduce legislation to increase the penalties for cases of hit and run accidents which result in death
1/9/2018Rep. Robert Nardolillo III continues his advocacy for animal welfare as he co-sponsors legislation introduced to protect animals from extreme weather.
1/9/2018Rep. Robert Nardolillo III will introduce legislation to make driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs with a child under the age of thirteen in the vehicle a felony offense.
12/12/2017Rep. Robert Nardolillo III proposes to end tolls for veterans and active military members traveling over the Newport Pell Bridge
7/28/2017Representative Robert Nardolillo Calls for Action at State’s Training School
7/17/2017 Representative Robert Nardolillo’s 3rd Annual Skydiving For a Cause Raises $4,000.00
7/12/2017Representative Robert Nardolillo Announces 3rd Annual Skydiving For a Cause
5/3/2017Representative Robert Nardolillo III Announces 3rd Annual Bow Ties Against Bullying Campaign at the State House
3/30/2017Representative Robert Nardolillo III. Announces TCB “Taking Care of Business” Small Business Package
3/16/2017Representative Robert Nardolillo III. Submits Legislation Aimed At Protecting Families with a Disabled Parent
3/6/2017Rep. Nardolillo submits resolution to Congress to prevent voter fraud
2/28/2017Rep. Robert Nardolillo III blasts Governor Raimondo over new tourism campaign
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