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Welcome to the Rhode Island House of Representatives Webpage

It was a tremendous honor to earn the confidence of my colleagues in the House of Representatives who elected me to serve as the Speaker of the House. I am also tremendously proud to serve my constituents of District 15 in Cranston.

I am committed to transparency in our state government and I hope you will find this website to be helpful. You can obtain the latest information on the legislative initiatives and activities of our House members. You will find biographical information, committee assignments, and how to contact our legislative members.

Our Capitol TV link contains live streaming of our legislative activities, which are also archived for viewing any time – On Demand. We also have a bill tracker function which allows you to follow the legislative path of all bills. Being a responsive House of Representatives is an important aspect of making our government work for all of us.

Your participation as a Rhode Island citizen or an out-of-state visitor is welcomed. Your input will add in making Rhode Island government one in which all its citizens can be proud. Please feel free to join me, and the members of the House of Representatives, in working together to address any questions, concerns and comments you may have. We encourage your feedback.

Thank you for your interest in the Rhode Island House of Representatives.

Nicholas A. Mattiello Speaker of the House


Rep. Marvin L. Abney
Rep. Mia A. Ackerman
Rep. Edith H. Ajello
Rep. Joseph S. Almeida
Rep. Karen Alzate
Rep. Gregg Amore
Rep. Samuel A. Azzinaro
Rep. Jean P. Barros
Rep. David A. Bennett
Rep. Christopher R. Blazejewski
Rep. Justine A. Caldwell
Rep. Dennis M. Canario
Rep. Lauren H. Carson
Rep. Stephen M. Casey
Rep. Julie A. Casimiro
Rep. Liana M. Cassar
Rep. Michael W. Chippendale
Rep. Terri Cortvriend
Rep. Arthur J. Corvese
Rep. Gregory J. Costantino
Rep. Robert E. Craven, Sr.
Rep. Grace Diaz
Rep. Susan R. Donovan
Rep. John G. Edwards
Rep. Deborah A. Fellela
Rep. Blake A. Filippi
Rep. Kathleen A. Fogarty
Rep. Joshua J. Giraldo
Rep. Arthur Handy
Rep. Bernard A. Hawkins
Rep. Raymond A. Hull
Rep. James B. Jackson
Rep. Robert B. Jacquard
Rep. Raymond H. Johnston, Jr.
Rep. Katherine S. Kazarian
Rep. Brian Patrick Kennedy
Rep. Rebecca M. Kislak
Rep. Jason Knight
Rep. Charlene Lima
Rep. John J. Lombardi
Rep. John W. Lyle, Jr
Rep. Alex Marszalkowski
Rep. Nicholas A. Mattiello
Rep. Carol Hagan McEntee
Rep. Daniel P. McKiernan
Rep. James N. McLaughlin
Rep. Joseph M. McNamara
Rep. Mario F. Mendez
Rep. Mary Messier
Rep. Christopher T. Millea
Rep. Michael A. Morin
Rep. George A. Nardone
Rep. Brian C. Newberry
Rep. Thomas E. Noret
Rep. William W. O'Brien
Rep. Robert D. Phillips
Rep. David J. Place
Rep. Justin Price
Rep. Robert J. Quattrocchi
Rep. Marcia Ranglin-Vassell
Rep. Sherry Roberts
Rep. Deborah Ruggiero
Rep. Joe R. Serodio
Rep. Patricia A. Serpa
Rep. Evan P. Shanley
Rep. K. Joseph Shekarchi
Rep. Scott Slater
Rep. Joseph J. Solomon, Jr.
Rep. June Speakman
Rep. Teresa Ann Tanzi
Rep. Carlos E. Tobon
Rep. Stephen R. Ucci
Rep. Camille F.J. Vella-Wilkinson
Rep. Moira J. Walsh
Rep. Anastasia Williams