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Press Releases

 Press Releases

12/31/9999House HEW continues hearing on state’s Ebola plans 
4/5/2018House panel hears Rep. McNamara’s Neil Fachon Terminally Ill Patients’ Right to Try Act of 2018 
3/22/2018Rep. McNamara, Sen. Felag announce Rhode Island Livable Home Modification Grant Act 
3/19/2018MEDIA ADVISORY: Rep. McNamara, Sen. Felag to join AARP to announce Rhode Island Livable Home Modification Grant Act 
3/15/2018Rep. McNamara introduces Student Loan Bill of Rights legislation; bill creates student loan ombudsman 
3/14/2018Rep. McNamara bill would mean more money for Warwick from Airport Corporation 
2/27/2018House passes McNamara legislation that would require carbon monoxide detectors in schools 
2/19/2018Rep. McNamara bill would permit medical consent to minors for prenatal, delivery and postnatal care 
2/14/2018McNamara bill would require driver’s education to teach rights, responsibilities of drivers during traffic stops 
2/7/2018Rep. McNamara introduces legislation to create attendance review teams in school districts 
1/23/2018Rep. McNamara introduces legislation that would require carbon monoxide detectors in schools 
1/18/2018Rep. McNamara introduces Rhode Island Livable Home Tax Credit Act 
11/20/2017Governor ceremonially signs bill creating specialty license plate that will benefit Gaspee Days Committee 
6/29/2017General Assembly approves specialty license plate that would benefit Gaspee Days Committee 
6/14/2017General Assembly OKs legislation to establish deadlines for the safety assessment of school buildings 
6/14/2017House OKs McNamara bill requiring driver’s education to teach what to do when stopped by a police officer 
6/13/2017Rep. McNamara issues response to misinformation disseminated in radio ad regarding air quality law 
5/16/2017House passes McNamara bill that would ban the advertisement of unhealthy foods in schools 
4/13/2017House passes McNamara bill that would allow terminally ill patients to use experimental drugs 
4/10/2017MEDIA ADVISORY: House Health, Education and Welfare Committee to hear testimony on students’ rights, pet-grooming licenses 
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