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11/20/2018House GOP Concerned by Gorbea Impeding Voter Transparency
11/8/2018New House Minority Leadership Team Announced
11/8/2018New House Minority Leadership Team Announced
8/17/2017State Representative Michael Chippendale Only State Official to Testify at Traffic Commission Hearing to Consider DOT Request to Shut Roads to Trucks
3/1/2017Members of House Minority Caucus Meet with Leaders From Rhode Island’s Regional School Districts
10/3/2016Representative Michael Chippendale Calls for Governor and RI Commerce Corporation to Halt Tax Credits to Unscrupulous Developer
8/23/2016 Members of RI House Minority Caucus Announce Additional Workshop Impacting Farmers Scheduled by RI DEM
8/18/2016DEM Meeting Which Severely Impacts Farmers Still On
8/16/2016Republican Representatives Calls Upon Governor Raimondo to Reschedule Meeting Which Severely Impacts Farmers
3/28/2016Representatives Robert B. Lancia, Michael W. Chippendale, Sherry Roberts, and Robert A. Nardolillo, III. Announce JROTC Day at the RI State House
2/29/2016Reps. Chippendale, Nardolillo sponsor bill to expedite unemployment benefits for domestic abuse victims
2/19/2016House Commission to Hold ‘Public Comment’ Hearing on Rules and Regulations Of the R.I. Medical Board of Licensure and Discipline
1/29/2016Representative Chippendale Swears-in Glocester Business Association Officers and Board Members
11/18/2015Legislators to join Ponaganset students for veterans event
10/7/2015No Tolls for the Republican Policy Group Bridge Repair Plan Using Existing Funds: Less than 1% of State Budget
10/6/2015Medical licensure and discipline legislative commission meets next week
7/8/2015Representative Mike Chippendale to Chair Two House Commissions in the 2015 Legislative Off-Season Health and Education
7/2/2015House passes Minority Caucus’ legislation in response to controversial RhodeMap RI: Bill protects local sovereignty
6/15/2015Safety and Fiscal Responsibility: Republican Alternative to Bridge Tolling
3/12/2015House Republicans to offer response to governor's budget address
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