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Press Releases

 Press Releases

1/23/2019Bennett to chair House Environment Committee  
7/10/2018Two new laws will increase Narcan availability to prevent overdose deaths 
3/27/2018Group of male representatives speak out for reproductive freedom and choice 
3/14/2018 House OKs Bennett bill to allow students sunscreen in schools  
11/20/2017Several legislators honored by RI Farm Bureau at annual meeting 
10/6/2017New law requires defibrillators in large public gathering spots 
9/19/2017Assembly approves measure to require defibrillators in large public gathering spots 
5/9/2017House OKs Bennett bill to allow students sunscreen in schools 
3/23/2017House OKs Bennett bill nixing state residency requirements for police, firefighters  
2/20/2017McNamara, Bennett, Shanley respond to misinformation surrounding Reproductive Healthcare Act 
7/15/2016Non-liquid alcohol ban signed into law 
7/12/2016Bills aimed at curbing opioid abuse signed into law 
6/18/2016General Assembly passes non-liquid alcohol ban 
6/18/2016Assembly OKs bills aimed at curbing opioid abuse 
2/23/2016Bennett urges constituents to use IRS Free File 
1/15/2016Rep. Bennett introduces bill discouraging sale of stolen goods at pawn shops  
7/15/2015Bill making Narcan available in schools becomes law 
6/24/2015Assembly passes bill to make Narcan available in schools 
6/22/2015Minimum wage bill signed into law 
6/17/2015House passes Bennett bill to put Narcan in schools 
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