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8/21/2020 Rep. Ranglin-Vassell determined to address gun violence, grieves for lives lost in Providence

STATE HOUSE – Rep. Marcia Ranglin-Vassell today issued the following statement on the several shooting deaths that have occurred in Providence in the last two weeks:

“My heartfelt love and prayers to all the families impacted by the senseless acts of gun violence over the last weeks, months, and years. Gun violence is a totally preventable public health issue.

The recent upsurge of gun violence in the City of Providence resulting in the tragic and unnecessary loss of lives breaks my heart. It also strengthens my resolve to fight to end systematic racism, structural poverty and hopelessness which are the root causes of gun violence and in these tragic cases, with death resulting.

I call on my colleagues in the General Assembly to reconvene immediately and pass legislation that will mitigate these senseless acts of violence and homicides. Young people are losing hope. They are experiencing immense trauma and sadness. They need help, and now. The kinds of pathological behaviors that we are witnessing are sending a clear message to us that young people need positive outlets, and they need jobs that pays a livable wage. They also need job training and they need skills in conflict resolution.

Thoughts and prayers are simply not enough. We need bold legislative actions, and we must commit to bold investments that impact long-term structural changes.

Parents should not be burying their children. Children should not be growing up without their parents. Communities and families are being ripped apart by senseless and preventable tragedy, and it does not have to be this way.

The General Assembly must get back to work and do its job.”

For more information, contact:
Meredyth R. Whitty, Publicist
State House Room 20
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-1923