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3/9/2020 MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Education Committee to hear school-related bills, consider appointment to URI Board of Trustees
STATE HOUSE — The Senate Committee on Education is scheduled to meet Wednesday to hear testimony on several bills relating to schools and curriculum.

The committee is scheduled to meet Wednesday, March 11, at the rise of the Senate (about 4:30 p.m.) in Room 313 on the third floor of the State House.

The committee will hear testimony the following bills:
  • 2020-S 2034 — This bill, introduced by Sen. Frank S. Lombardi (D-Dist. 26, Cranston), would require all school districts to designate an athletic trainer to be available for high school athletic practices and games.
  • 2020-S 2176 — This bill, introduced by Sen. Joshua Miller (D-Dist. 28, Cranston, Providence), would allow students in public schools to possess and use sunscreen without a physician's note or prescription, if the product is regulated by the FDA for over-the-counter use.
  • 2020-S 2183 — This bill, introduced by Sen. Valarie J. Lawson (D-Dist. 14, East Providence), would provide that feminine hygiene products be provided in all public schools.
  • 2020-S 2401 — This bill, introduced by Sen. Ana B. Quezada (D-Dist. 2, Providence), would permit students in grades nine through twelve to possess/use over-the-counter medication and products without a doctor’s or parent’s note during school.
  • 2020-S 2628 — This bill, introduced by Sen. Samuel W. Bell (D-Dist. 5, Providence), would establish the implementation of trauma-informed practices in schools throughout the state.
The panel will also consider the appointment of Michael Fascitelli to the Board of Trustees of the University of Rhode Island, which requires the advice and consent of the Senate.
The Senate Committee on Education is chaired by Sen. Hanna M. Gallo (D-Dist. 27, Cranston, West Warwick).

For more information, contact:
Daniel Trafford, Publicist
State House Room 20
Providence, RI 02903