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5/24/2019 Sen. Cano pushes for financial literacy classes for students at National Association of State Treasurers conference in Providence
STATE HOUSE – Sen. Sandra Cano (D-Dist. 8, Providence) touted the benefits of legislation (2019-S 0112) that mandates financial literacy classes be taught to all students in the state’s public high schools at a National Association of State Treasurers (NAST) conference that was held in Providence this week.

The legislation, which she sponsored, states that the curriculum of the classes would include, but not be limited to, budgeting, maintaining credit, saving, investing, and protecting and insuring assets.
"We are letting our children down by not teaching them the most important and most needed skill in adulthood - financial literacy. Without adequate financial literacy, our graduating students are put at a distinct disadvantage in starting their adult lives. This must end for the sake of our students and our economies,” said Senator Cano.

The conference was titled the 2019 Treasury Management Training Symposium and it was been held in Providence from May 21 to May 24 and took place at the Rhode Island Convention Center.  The conference attracted over 725 attendees from more than 40 states.  There were several presentations on a variety of treasury topics and Senator Cano spoke at the presentation concerning personal financial education and empowerment programs.  There, she stressed the need for financial literacy classes to be taught to Rhode Island’s high school students.

“We are doing a huge disservice to our children when they become legal adults without the basic financial knowledge needed to navigate our complex financial system.  And sadly, this is especially true for our children who come from minority and immigrant households.  Many of the children from these backgrounds simply do not have access to the financial knowledge and literacy at home that many other children have and it is up to us to make sure these children are taught these basic financial tools at school,” said Senator Cano.

Seven Rhode Island school districts have made personal finance a graduation requirement, and most Rhode Island high schools offer classes that include personal finance, but, Rhode Island is an outlier in not guaranteeing that all students benefit from personal finance education.

Senator Cano’s bill is currently before the Senate Committee on Education.

From the left: Sen. Sandra Cano, Yanely Espinal, Rick Metters, and Patricia Page, presenters at the NAST Financial Education and Empowerment Program presentation at the Providence Convention Center

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